I am a tail-end baby boomer working in the computer sciences.  I travel to rural Jamaica as often as I can and have wonderful friends there.  I have two large dogs, a pit bull named Girlfriend and a St. Bernard mix with blue eyes named after Sinatra (Frankie).  I have been an artist of some form for most of my life, and currently it takes the form of landscaping and bonsai.  I like the idea of the patience required to practice bonsai, and I barely have 20 years under my belt, so I consider myself a novice.  I grew up in rural Wisconsin and moved to Minneapolis for college.  Aside from a brief stint in Austin Texas, I have lived in the Twin Cities all of my adult life.  I’ve been married and divorced twice, and that is maybe the impetus for writing my stories.  I consider myself as a political progressive, but at the same time I am personally very conservative and in a lot of ways “old-fashioned”.  This will probably not surprise my immediate family, but I am not much of a believer.  I sometimes say that the only thing I believe in is Karma, and then I have to admit that it is based solely on circumstantial evidence and inductive logic.  So, I try to live my life by a couple simple rules; show respect to everyone, because it is not about whether they deserve it, but because it is an reflection of your own character; trust people even if you feel like a sucker – its better than being cynical; and finally be generous both emotionally and materially.  I also believe that dogs (whether we domesticated them, or they did it themselves) are the greatest achievement of mankind, and will be until we achieve true AI.

BTW – I am also a straight, white male.



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