20130324_141034I have been traveling to Jamaica since I took my first real vacation there after my first divorce back in the early 90’s.  I started out going to the all-inclusive resorts, but against the advice of the resorts, I also did a lot of side trips to see the real Jamaica.  I spent several years traveling all over the country staying at different places each time.  After a while, I realized that I had found the perfect spot (at least for me), and have been going to the same rural community for about a decade solid now.  I have watched the kids grow up, and even though the world has been changing at warp speed, this little corner of the world has been able to keep that great vibe that most Jamaican tourists dream about, but never really experience.  There is a small strip of the north coast of Jamaica where there is no coastal road.  Almost the entire coastline between Port Maria and Annotto Bay is undeveloped and sparsely populated, especially when the unnamed dirt road ends past Robins Bay.  There are incredible beaches and waterfalls where you will be the only one there.  There are a few different places that you can stay in the area, but I don’t want to appear to play favorites, so all I will say is that there is everything from small Rasta huts on the beach and an old Spanish fort to some very luxurious and romantic suites and family friendly places. All of the pictures on the blog are from my travels and I will post more when I get some time.  My favorite picture features some of the more colorful characters in town while we were all chilling out in the shade (left to right: Busha, Jahlo, and Tumpa Lion).